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Who Are These People

These are the people who juggle, and ride unicycles for a living and make a mean bean sopa. They are the people who will swim with me all day and stay up with me all night editing the photos. They will get robbed, speak Spanish with an Italian accent, drink tequila at 10am and sit on the beach until all hours to watch the moon rise and never miss a beat. They are the people who will ride miles and miles into the jungle on a bike with flat tires just so I can pet a few dogs. These are the people who make me coffee and then make me laugh until my stomach hurts. These are some of the most talented, creative, inspiring, thoughtful and caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and we get to live together and make art in the Mayan Jungle on Yal Ku Lagoon in a restaurant-turned-residency in Akumal, Mexico.

These are the people who let me take pictures of them.
All the time.


Jaqueline Cole & Luca Bray


Jaqueline Cole & Luca Bray in Real Life


Jaqueline Cole • Maribel Bianchi • Marina Fomenka • Ali Goodwin • Amy Clay


Ryan Walter Wagner & Karl Saliter


Karl Saliter & Luca Bray


Ali Goodwin & Luca Bray


They are the people who remind me every day how lucky I am.
Without saying a word.

ONDARTE | January 2012 | Akumal, Mexico


These are my people.

Amy Clay – USA
Ryan Walter Wagner – BC
Karl Saliter – USA
Jaqueline Cole – Mexico
Marina Fomenka – Russia
Alec Von Bargen – Photographer & Ondarte Founder
Luca Bray – Painter & Funny Italian Guy

(Alec isn’t in these photos because he had to go to the States or something. Don’t you worry. I’ll get him.)

All Too Good

I have arrived and I am all in one piece for the most part. There is the small issue of a freshly broken toe and a recently stolen camera but hey, it’s Mexico. Let’s start there and say that the rest is just part of the story.

And this is going to be some story.

I’ve been here for a little over a week now, and it feels like forever and like I just got here just yesterday. Time doesn’t tick at the same speed, and surely days have names, in a few languages, but I have lost them all in a blur of sunshine and full moons and new friends and things that go bump in the night that you can’t find on Google. I have written a blog post in my head every day since I saw the color of the water. But as it goes when you are trying to get back to living, my days are so full of snorkels and sightseeing and work, taking photos of everything in between, I hardly have a breath left at the end of it all to write it all down. But I have been. And all of it will sooner or later, end up right here.

For now, just know that it rains in the Mayan Jungle, too, and those of you who think I am “living the life,” let’s take a moment to remember that this very “life” has come at a very steep price for me. I’m choosing sea turtles and tequila over shivering and shoveling snow for a bit. Can you blame me?

I have a lot to tell you – believe me – there are stories here in Akumal that BEG to be told. So hold on to your horses, and keep your eye on my new website. As soon as I get back from tomorrow’s ‘turtle time’ I’ll start writing. I promise.

Turtle Time – Photo By Ryan Walter Wagner


This is all too good to keep all to myself.