Monthly Archives: February 2012

Jungle Fever

I got it. And I don’t mean I love this place so much I get all hot and sweaty thinking about it. Well, I DO love this place so much, and by design, it’s pretty hot and sweaty here, but no, I am sick, in the jungle, and it sucks.

I started to not feel so great last week, but I kept pushing. There were new beaches to explore, palm groves, Mayan ruins, and cenotes to swim in, new friends and late nights, and oh the list could go on and on. I haven’t been still for a minute that I’ve been here. Which has been the most wonderful feeling after spending so long having to sit most things out. But as I suspected that at some point I would, I am paying dearly for it. My achy limbs and scratchy throat have over the course of the the last week turned into a pretty feverish case of strep that has proceeded to wind it’s way to my middle ear, and into my eyes. I forget sometimes that I just ain’t my old self. It’s easy to do around here.

After 3 attempts the day before and a half dozen phone calls yesterday, I finally found a doctor that would BE at the 24 Hour Clinic that doesn’t actually seem to have a doctor there at any hour that I could figure out. The visit started with the doctor having to switch from Facebook over to his “reporting” software (MSWord)… Ya, so, he really was a doctor. Really.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in foreign medical establishments and contrary to what you might have in your head as the picture of a 24 Hour clinic in a 3rd world country, the place couldn’t have been more gleaming. I mean SPOTLESS. The doctor and I had a little chat in half Spanish, half English, and we concluded that I needed to get some antibiotics in me STAT. (Yes, I knew this days ago.) And no, you can’t just walk into a store in Mexico and buy any kind of antibiotics you want. The Mexican Government is on to us, Gringos.

So I have resigned myself to sitting in the coolest (and by this I mean least humid) place I can find, which at present is my covered deck, and just rest. I can hear the lagoon, Delia stops by to check on me, Peluchin is sprawled at my feet keeping watch, and I have wi-fi and wacky jungle birds in the air all around me. Slowly but surely I am on the mend, but still pretty miserable. It’s no fun being in the most fun place when you can’t muster up the energy to have any fun and everyone is having fun all around you. This hits a little too close to home. Haber, in 2 more weeks I’ll be dreaming of being here, sick or not.

Back to my hammock.

More photos and updates coming soon. There are some really good ones, I promise.